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Latest MTJ Spring Summer Lawn Collection 2023 With Price Catalogue

You are here to know about MTJ Lawn Collection 2023 right? Isn’t it good news that we have that brand that is going to provide us every type of clothing under a single roof? This brand recently launched with the name of a great Islamic Scholar Moulana Tariq Jameel and some fellow men. The purpose of this brand is to provide Islamic culture dress all over Pakistan and in other Muslim countries. For the very first time, you are going to see a brand that is going to introduce the face of eastern and traditional fashion. You can buy any eastern or ethnic outfit from this brand and you may never see them before.

MTJ lawn 2023


MTJ Lawn Collection 2023

As you all know that it is summer season now and every woman loves to wear light and simple dresses this summer. This brand is all about traditional Islamic and eastern cultures. if you love simple and dresses then you must go for MTJ Lawn Collection. The lawn of this brand is amazing and you may never see such lawns anywhere else before. The main purpose of this brand is to provide unique and cool designs for its customers. If you visit any store now there is a sale on every category and you may easily buy any dress you want. Given below are some cool and unique designs of outfits that you can buy at an affordable price. have a look.


Price: 3390


Price: 4990


Price: 5290


Price: 5290

MTJ Printed digital lawn 3PC SUit

Price: 2890

MTJ Printed Lawn 3PC suit

Price: 3390

MTJ Unstitch3PC digital printed lawn suit

Price: 3390

Printed digital lawn suit

Price: 2890

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MTJ Summer Collection 2023

If you want to wear stitch dresses and related to tradition then you must go for MTJ. This brand always provides you Islamic culture dresses with a variety of colors and designs. The Summer collection of this brand is unique and you may fall in love with it. This brand launches its MTJ Summer Collection recently and you may now buy any stitch outfit you want. if you don’t like to buy unstitch then you can buy stitch outfits of this brand.

When it comes to the Summer collection and according to tradition and eastern culture then there is not a single brand that comes to the level of this brand. This brand always provides cultural and Islamic outfits and this is the reason why this band gains so much popularity in a short period of time. Given below are some unique and cool designs that can enhance your beauty once you wear them. Have a look at these designs.

MTJ Ethnic Floral Women Kurti

PKR 2,792

MTJ Lawn Women Kurti

PKR 2,303

MTJ Stitch 1Pc

PKR 3,112

MTJ Stitch 3Pc Suit

PKR 5,192

MTJ Stitch 3Pc

PKR 4,392

Simple Lawn urti MTJ

PKR 2,872

Stitch 1Pc kurti only

PKR 2,152

Stitch 3Pc Suit MTJ

PKR 4,392

The above mentioned all is about MTJ, This brand is launched recently and is now gaining so much respect and popularity among all men and women. If you are unaware of this then you must go for this brand outfits once, It will provide you Islamic culture dresses at an affordable price.

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