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Latest Rang Ja Spring Summer Lawn Collection 2023 With Price Catalogue

All right today you will get to know Rang Ja Lawn Collection 2023. In all new brands that are existing in Pakistan Rang Ja is the only brand that is committed to serving as they promised. The name Rang Ja clearly illustrates the spread colors. Every piece is different than the other one because of its fantastic colors. The whole of the collection is coming up with beautiful Rang Ja Frock. Yes, it is good if you use frock you must use tight with that for a perfect combination along with that.

Recently brand launches its Eid Collection 2023 where you can select any color that you want. It’s true when you are at Rang Ja Store you can get what you desired. The only reason behind that is because the brand came up with different hues. Rang Ja Lawn Collection is all about Ready to wear or pret dresses.

Rang ja lawn collection


Rang Ja Lawn Collection 2023 With Price

Here it is Rang Ja New Lawn Collection with funk around. Lolx I meant funky colors that always spread happiness. Usually, Rang Ja Frocks looks more stunning with contrast tights. Rang Ja Trendy Colorful Kurti Dresses is available in Mint Shades which look attractive. As you know from the first day Rang Commit to giving the customers more value. Either it is in quality or quantity everything is well.

Rang Ja Spring Summer Dresses Collection Price is shown below. The outfits are available in prints and embroidery with separate hues. Lawn Dresses Designs are based on modern cuts with brilliant shades. All of Rang Ja New Collection is shown below. Rang Ja is serving only is Pakistan but you can also place the order from other countries. The Order can take 3-5 days for international delivery.

2Pc Lawn Suit

Price: 5,400

Multi Printed lawn shirt only

Price: 5,150

Printed Lawn 3Pc Rang Ja

Price: 9,500

Rang Ja 1Pc Shirt only

Price: 4,150

Rang Ja Lawn shirt only

Price: 4,750

Rang ja Multi Printed Lawn 2Pc Suit

Price: 8,750

Rang Ja Printed Lawn 1Pc shirt only

Price: 5,950

Rang ja Printed Lawn Suit

Price: 4,100

Rang Ja Formal Collection 2023 With Price

The moment that you were waiting for here is Rang Ja Formal Lawn Collection. Rang Ja has launched a new trend in the fashion industry. All you want is available but Rang Ja frock is the most famous nowadays. The Below given collection is all about silk chiffon and lawn dresses. That can fit for the spring and summer season except that you can also get this stuff on Rang Ja Online. The online order can take up to 3 days to deliver to your door and a cash-on delivery facility is available.

This is Gala Green Dress with traditional embroidery on it. The front of the suit and neck is beautiful as the customer demands to wear. Try this for only at the price of 6475/PKR ( After Discount Price ).

Above one was silk made a dress this is Rang Ja Lawn Collection 2023 with print on. This Formal Top is available for only at 3880/PKR. One thing you must know is that Rang Ja Lawn Collection 2023 prices that are shown are after discount.

Here are Rang Ja Spring Summer Dresses Collection with the price. Yes, but the high heels on for a better combination with Lawn Dress. This is a printed dress with piping on the bottom of front and chiffon-made dupatta. You get it for 7225/ PKR.

Who will ignore Black Dress for the party or any formal session? Here we have found black with laces on the front and neck of the suits as well. The price of this beautiful dress is only 8075/PKR.

Phool Patch Lawn Dress

Price: 15,500

New Peacock Koti Dress

Price: 14,500

New Rose Lawn Dress

Price: 13,500

Paisely Grid Lawn Dress

Price: 9,500

Sheesha Screen Shirt

Price: 10,500

Rang Ja Ready To Wear Collection 2023

Want to know the best part? Here is Rang Ja new collection 2023 with Price. The dresses are made of lawn and silk as well. For those who want to wear something latest, this is for them. All of the dresses are in reach of the customers at affordable prices.

Here is the first one with net embroidery jacket on. The jacket is made of different ribbons consider it is the best among all and the below one is following the same design. In the below dress the jacket above is made of prints on the shirt. The above one is available for 3570/PKR and below wool rose yellow is 5015/PKR.

Just like black from the above articles this one is white with beautiful blue tights. Plain white dress with superb embroidery on the neck. It basically seems to African dress and you can  5500/PKR.

The below one is again print with blue color and some followers on the front to back but with chiffon dupatta.

New Rang Ja Collection

Price: 12,500

New Black Rang Ja Lawn

Price: 9,500

Ornage Border Rang Ja Dress

Price: 17,500

Best Black Jaal Dress


Price: 16,500

Final Verdict: Whole of the collection is available Facebook Page. The Lawn Dresses Designs with different followers. When you look at Rang Ja Lawn Collection is a major focus at Frock and in bottoms tights are best. If you want to know further about please leave us a comment.

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